Bolero Drinks:

Bolero Sticks

1 Stick = 500 ml drink.

1 Stick = 500 ml drink.


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Bolero Drinks Bolero Sticks

After a long day of exercise or physical activity, a cold glass of juice will surely revitalize your senses in an instant. If you want to mix a refreshing serving of juice wherever you are, what you need is a convenient pack of Bolero Drinks Bolero Sticks!

Bolero Drinks Bolero Sticks makes it easy for you to enjoy an ice-cold glass of juice as they are made available in handy stick sachets. This powdered juice drink is designed for health-conscious people like because it is:

  • sugar-free
  • gluten-free
  • low in calories
  • free from artificial colors
  • free from preservatives

Just one stick sachet of Bolero Drinks Bolero Sticks can make up to 500ml of juice! You may also use this powdered juice for making your favorite desserts, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, and frosting!

Handy, healthy, and super tasty – try a Bolero Drinks Bolero Sticks today, at its best price only from Zumub!

Questions & Answers Bolero Sticks

Questions & Answers Bolero Sticks

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Handy for trekking -04/30/2019
by Daniel McCutcheon - Zumub Verified Purchase

Lightweight and tasty. Makes it easy to drink loads of water on the trail

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goooooood -08/10/2018
by ahmed hamdy - Zumub Verified Purchase

Bolero Sticks 3g - FREE

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