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Bolero Drinks

Over 50 different flavors, naturally sugar-free, very suitable for diets and calorie control.

Over 50 different flavors, naturally sugar-free, very suitable for diets and calorie control.


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Bolero Drinks

Staying hydrated all day is extremely important, especially for active people like you. If you are looking to spice up your water with natural fruity goodness, just mix up a refreshing serving of Bolero Drinks!

Bolero Drinks is made available in convenient sachets that you can take anywhere you go. This powdered mix drink is an excellent way of maximizing your water intake throughout the day, ensuring that your body stays fully hydrated. Bolero Drinks can be mixed with tap, soda, or sparkling water – either way, it will taste absolutely fantastic!

Bolero Drinks is a good source of vitamin C, which delays the onset of aging and strengthens your immunity at the same time. The best thing about Bolero Drinks is that it does not contain any added sugars, flavorings, preservatives, or colourings!

Choose from a variety of fruity flavors that will tease and excite your taste buds – it's that good! Try Bolero Drinks today, at its best price only from Zumub!

Questions & Answers Bolero Drinks

Questions & Answers Bolero Drinks

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Fantastic -12/28/2016
by Kellyanne Reilly - Zumub Verified Purchase

Fantastic alternative for diabetics and tastes amazing. Cheapest place I've found to buy these sachets

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