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Zumub Pecans

Zumub Pecans is a package of top-quality nuts from the USA - the land of their origin. They are a great way to make your diet brighter both in terms of geography and nutritional value.

Pecans are one of the most generous providers of monounsaturated fats - the fats that support energy supply and general well-being.

Zumub Pecans contain good amounts of protein and dietary fiber, which is just right to support a demanding nutrition plan. In 100 g of Zumub Pecans you will find 9.2 g of protein and almost 10 g of fiber. Their minerals and vitamins profile is quite impressive too. It includes Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamins from complex B, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Try adding Zumub Pecans to yoghurts, muesli, salads, desserts, and shakes to add a new twist to familiar dishes. Or you can cook a pecan pie - the traditional American dessert cooked for Christmas or Thanksgiving. With premium quality Zumub Pecans any choice will be a healthy enjoyment.

Questions & Answers Pecans

Questions & Answers Pecans

Have a question about Pecans? What is it, what does it do, how and when to use or something else? Ask us.

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