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Cremous Banana Candy

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Doces no Ponto Cremous Banana Candy

Love bananas and everything that goes with them like moderate sweetness and creamy texture? Sure there is nothing able to surpass this taste? Well, chances are you may be wrong. At least don’t claim you are certain until you try Cremous Banana Candy from Doces no Ponto brand. We bet you are eager to find out what makes it so special.

  • 100% natural ingredients. Actually there are only three of them - banana itself for the general tender taste, sugar to make the fruit gummy and crystallized and citric acid as a natural preservative and a token of barely perceptible sourness.
  • A perfect snack featuring sweet deliciousness and high quality calories contents. 78 kcal this candy provides is enough to satisfy a slight hunger.
  • Waist friendly. Being a candy this candy still cares about your weight offering only 7% of your daily carbohydrates intake. Plus, you’ll get 4% of fibre daily value to stimulate optimal metabolism.
  • New sensations. It will let you experience something absolutely new - drinking a cup of tea with a banana and not look weird.

What do you think, banana fans? If you’ve decided to buy Cremous Banana Candy from Doces no Ponto we have to warn you - be careful, it’s addictive.

Questions & Answers Cremous Banana Candy

Questions & Answers Cremous Banana Candy

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