How to look and feel younger for longer


Aging is inevitable. After all, there’s no way to stop time. Still, most of us would like to look and to feel younger for longer.

With aging, our bones, skin, heart, muscles, immunological system and hormonal production are affected.

But there are a few things that can delay the aging process and make you feel younger for longer:

  • Sports
  • Proper nutrition
  • Optimizing anti-aging with supplements

Sportsswimming is one of the exercises to keep you healthy

As you age, your body suffers some changes. It becomes more sensitive and, sometimes, more fragile. One of the ways to make it stronger and more resistant is exercise.

Having more muscle and keeping up a good level of all-around fitness is really good for you.

This will help you to:

  • Maintain better posture
  • Be more resistant in case of accidents and falls
  • Maintain higher bone mass
  • Improve heart health
  • Keep your joints moving
  • Be better able to recover from any age-related illnesses

If you are already an athlete, you can keep exercising but if you aren’t, you don’t have to become a professional bodybuilder!

Incorporating some simple cardiovascular and/or muscular resistance training (which will help your skeletal and cardiac muscles), and training your balance and flexibility, may be the best investment you can make.

Exercise examples:

  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Water Aerobics
  • Lifting Weights
  • Yoga


nutrition is essential to fight the effects of aging

Nutrition may be the best all-around way to fight the effects of aging. There are some habits that you should include in your routine.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants

If we accept the explanation that aging is caused by damage, then much of this damage (DNA damage) is caused by ‘free radicals’, and can be countered by consuming plenty of antioxidants in our diet.

Examples of antioxidant foods:

  • Berries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Kidney beans
  • Green tea

Consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to maximize antioxidant intake

Reduce the amount of calories

It is worth considering that as you age, your metabolism decreases, meaning you burn fewer calories generally. If you keep eating the same portion size from when you had a faster metabolism, it is natural to accumulate weight and suffer the well-known consequences of obesity.

Also, the metabolic process produces large quantities of free radicals, that cause damage to the body. So, calorie restriction is an effective way to counter aging.

You don’t need so many calories:

  • Restrict calories over time. You will spend less energy and you will need less energy too, so you don’t need to consume a lot of calories
  • Eating more vegetables (especially leafy ones) and fewer carbohydrates can be one method of decreasing calories without feeling too hungry
  • Foods rich in fibers will help you to keep satiated for longer

Examples: oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, chia seeds or almonds

Vitamins and minerals

They are vital to:

  • Improve the immunological system (during the aging process our immune system will be affected)
  • Maintain health and well-being
  • Balance the hormonal system

As you age, there are changes in the way your body synthesizes, digests and absorbs nutrients.

The presence of vitamins and minerals in your body may be affected. So, you should eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Some examples are:

  • Fruits: oranges, kiwis, avocados or bananas
  • Cereals, especially whole grain cereals (they have more vitamins and minerals)
  • Dairy products: milk, cheese
  • Eggs
  • Meat: red meat or chicken and turkey (healthier than red meat)
  • Vegetables: spinach, carrots or broccoli
  • Fish: it’s a healthy source of fat. Healthy fats are, among other things, essential for heart health. It has vitamins too, especially oily fish like salmon and tuna

In conclusion:

  • Try to eat a balanced diet with proteins, carbohydrates and fats
  • Eat many times a day, even if you do not have an appetite, which is something that comes with age
  • Drink shakes. It’ll optimize the intake of necessary nutrients and is easier to consume when you do not have an appetite
  • Choose the best foods. The options with more vitamins and minerals, with an antioxidant effect and foods that will give you nutrients and fewer calories, like vegetables
  • Try some supplements to help you fight the changes!


There are a few options of supplements and other products to help you fight the changes.


As you saw before, vitamins and minerals play a vital role in our health. A multivitamin supplement is a good option because it will be easily absorbed by your body:

You can take a multivitamin, which will give you vitamins and minerals, or you can take specific vitamins and minerals important to fight specific changes.


  • Vitamin D: important to help absorb calcium, maintaining normal bones and muscle function. It can improve the immune system function. It’s common to have a lack of vitamin D so a supplement could be a significant help

There are also very important minerals that will help you to fight some changes that come with age like sleep problems or the loss of bone density. Some examples are:

  • Calcium: among other things, it can help you to protect your bones and improve their health
  • Magnesium: it can help you regulate muscle function and help you to sleep


Antioxidants are found in food but you can also use antioxidant supplements to give you that extra boost!

They are important because they can:

  • Fight the aging effects of free radicals
  • Help to prevent a breakdown in cell reproduction
  • Be helpful in maintaining youthful skin

Hormonal Support

Hormone function can be a major symptom of age, but it can also lead to aging.

If you can support healthy hormonal function before it starts to decline, you may be able to stave off the effects of aging for longer.

To balance the hormonal system, in addition to taking multivitamins, you can consume more fats because hormones are mostly built from fats.

Essential fats

It may improve the immune system, regulate blood pressure, support cardiovascular function and improve joint flexibility and mobility.

Other products

  • Collagen: is an essential protein important for cell tissues formation. It is important for the elasticity of the skin and for the cartilage and joint health. When we age, our body reduces the production of collagen. So, a supplement, will help you to improve the skin, joints and cartilage health
  • CoQ10: the coenzyme Q10 is a molecule that can be found in our body. It’s important to give you energy and it can improve blood flow, the immunological system and it has an anti-oxidant effect
We’re all getting older, and hopefully wiser, but we don’t have to look or feel it. By trying out some of the strategies here, especially by applying them while youth is still on your side, you can keep feeling fitter, healthier and younger for longer.


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