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Frey's is a German brand that specializes in creating low-fat, non-stick cooking oil sprays for all your cooking and baking needs. Unlike ordinary cooking oils, Frey's oil contains less fats and calories, making it an excellent oil for health-conscious people like you.

Frey's cooking oil sprays are also perfect for creating an even coat of oil for your baking sheets, making it so much easier and less stressful for you to bake your favorite treats.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional chef or just a regular cooking fanatic... try Frey's cooking oil spray for a healthy, time-saving, and mess-free cooking experience!

FREY´S Olive Oil Spray 180ml

The first cooking spray´s made in germany 100% natural

FREY´S FREY´S Sunflower Oil Spray

The spray is vegetable based and is suitable for boiling, frying or grilling

FREY´S FREY´s Rapeseed Oil Spray

Non-Stick Cooking Spray with Rapeseed Oil


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