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Franky's Bakery

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Frankys Flavor Drops 30ml
Franky's Bakery Frankys Flavor Drops 30ml

Candy Splash - A delicious, highly concentrated, non-calorie flavor in liquid...
form with the traditional taste of the good old days.

Protein Sweet Pudding 500g
Franky's Bakery Protein Sweet Pudding 500g

Delicious high protein pudding, without added sugar with the taste of the good...
old days!

Protein Pancake 500g
Franky's Bakery Protein Pancake 500g

Delicious high protein pancakes with the traditional flavor!

Frankys Candy Flavor 200g
Franky's Bakery Frankys Candy Flavor 200g

The delicious, calorie-free flavor with the traditional American taste for...
yogurt, curd, protein shakes, pastries and much more!

Protein Muffin Mix 500g
Franky's Bakery Protein Muffin Mix 500g

Healthy protein and low-fat muffins, which still taste as good as at...
grandmother's time!

Fruit Powder 100g
Franky's Bakery Fruit Powder 100g

A delicious boost of vitamins and other fruit nutrients.

Protein Ice Cream 500g
Franky's Bakery Protein Ice Cream 500g

Delicious, high protein, creamy ice cream.

WheyNut Butter 450g
Franky's Bakery WheyNut Butter 450g

A delicious high protein version of the classic peanut butter.

Franky's Bakery Zerup 425ml

Delicious syrup with a traditional American syrup flavor - but completely...
without sugar and almost free of calories.

Franky's Bakery Zero Sauce 425ml

Delicious grill sauces without added fats and sugar. With the traditional taste...
of the good old time!

Franky's Bakery Protein Candy Bar 60g

20g of protein and only 4g of sugar per bar. The ideal snack in between.

Franky's Bakery Protein Spread 250g

Bread spreads - a delicious treat with the traditional taste of the good old...

Franky's Bakery Protein Candy Bar 12X 60g

20g of protein and only 4g of sugar per bar. The ideal snack in between.

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