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Fharmonat Cranberry 30 capsules

9600mg, Vitamin C added.

Green Tea + Artichoke Syrup 500ml
Fharmonat Green Tea + Artichoke Syrup 500ml

Pleasant taste - blackberries and green apples

Fharmonat Brututu ampoules 20+10x10ml

Hydrophilic Ext. Of Cochlospermum angolensis, Borututu.

Fharmonat Prostalivium 20 vials

Pumpkin, Red Cabbage, Thyme.

Fharmonat Procerebro Zero 30 vials

With Ginkgo Biloba, tolerated by diabetic patients.

Fharmonat Calintime 60 capsules

No Depression, No Stress.

Biomemória 40x 10ml
Fharmonat Biomemória 40x 10ml

Complex formula with added vitamins, minerals and arginine aspartate.

Fharmonat Prostalivium Tea 100g

Pau d'arco, red vine, Solidago, white nettle

Ração Humana 30 tabs
Fharmonat Ansiobom Drops 50ml

Lime Tree, Magnesium, Molybdenum

Fharmonat Centella Asiatica 1500mg 100 tablets

Centella asiatica - Anti-Aging, Diet & Fitness, Weight Loss.

Fharmonat Biokygen Zinc 25mg 60 capsules

Normal carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis.

Fharmonat Detox Go Balance 15 vials

Ingredients to support liver function.


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