Go On! Energy

Enriched with ginseng, guarana and goji, it is a rich source of energy coming from complex carbohydrates.

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Sante’s Go On Energy Bar

With their motto Sante encourage you to Go On - on the way to wellness and self satisfaction both deriving from your dedication to sports and healthy lifestyles. This energy bar is just packed with what it takes to ensure a seamless journey to these results.

Sante’s Go On Energy Bar - Your Body’s Fuel

To give you an idea of how Sante’s Go On Energy Bar produces results we suggest you a day-to-day analogy. When you come to a petrol station - what do you expect? Right - to tank up quickly and continue the journey with your vehicle having got its power source.

The same thing is true for your body. It needs its fuel and, most importantly, needs it fast.

Sante’s Go On Energy Bar offers a “killer” formula to give you extra energy to improve your performance easily and quickly. The formula’s effectiveness rests on the macronutrient that knows no competitors in the field - carbohydrates, the macronutrient responsible to give you the energy that you need to face daily challenges, especially if you are committed to a physically active life.  One bar contains 9% of your daily carbohydrates intake, and also other powerful ingredients.

The Goodness of Nature To Enhance Energy Levels and Endurance

Sante’s Go On Energy Bar features such well reputed ingredients as Guarana, Ginseng and Goji Extracts which have a proven track record of boosting the immune system and enhancing performance and endurance as well.

So, in alliance with high quality nutritiousness of coconut shreds, the energy booster caffeine and other natural ingredients, it is backed up by vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system, to help you fight fatigue and tiredness and to improve muscle function, making it a doomed-to-win combination.

And don’t forget about the deliciousness of chocolate crowning this goodie.

Buy your first Sante’s Go On Energy Bar today and chances are you’ll return for more.

Questions & Answers Go On! Energy

Questions & Answers Go On! Energy

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