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Durex is all about providing you intense pleasure with reliable protection.

With over 7 decades experience in manufacturing, Durex is truly an undisputed leader in the industry.
And with a wide range of condoms to choose from, Durex brings new life to your sex life. But the Durex catalog has so much more than “just” condoms.

Find out more about the complete catalog of Durex products.

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Durex Play Basic 50ml

Vaginal Lubricant Gel

Play Vibrations
Durex Play Vibrations

Sensational vibrations for both of you

Durex Play Stimulating 200ml

Massage gel with guarana

Play Sensual 200ml
Durex Play Sensual 200ml

Intimate lube & massage gel with seductive ylang ylang

Intense Orgasmic Condoms 12 un
Durex Intense Orgasmic Condoms 12 un

With dots and stretch marks and stimulating gel.

Natural XL 12 units
Durex Natural XL 12 units

Extra large for greater comfort.

Prolonged Pleasure Condoms 12 Unit
Durex Prolonged Pleasure Condoms 12 Unit

With Performa lubricant for longer pleasure.

Strawberry Lubricant 50 ml
Cool Effect Lubricant 50 ml
Durex Cool Effect Lubricant 50 ml

For Intense Sensations.

Durex Basic 144 units
Durex Durex Basic 144 units

Classic Condoms, Maximum protection

Play Calor 50ml
Durex Play Calor 50ml

Intimate lubricant, heat effect



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