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Digestion and Gastro-Intestinal Health

Supplements for Digestion and Gastro-Intestinal Health are an excellent bet, as it's the digestive system that converts food so that the body gets the best possible nutrition. If you do not have a balanced diet with lots of fiber and other ingredients that support the digestive system, then this type of supplements is ideal. They promote efficient decomposition of foods, absorption of nutrients and optimal stomach health and resiliency.

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Probiotic 60 capsules

9 Strains formula - digestive support.

Probiotic 120 capsules

9 Strains formula - digestive support.

Probiotic Professional 60 capsules

Digestive and immune support. Anti-doping tested.

Karela Bitter Melon 60 caplets

Karela is known to aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates

Gasex 100 tablets

Relieves gastric discomfort, including feelings of fullness, indigestion,...
nausea and flatulence.

Probiotic 30 capsules

9 Strains formula - digestive support.

Red Yeast Rice 600mg 60 veg capsules

Produced by fermenting red yeast (Monascus purpureus) with white rice. 600mg.

Biokygen Charcoal + Fennel 60 Capsules

For regularization of bowel movement helping to eliminate toxins from the...
digestive system.

MCT Oil 400ml

Enriches the diet with medium chain fatty acids from MCT vegetable oil

Candida Support 90 Veg Capsules

Intestinal health. With pau d'arco, oregano oil, black walnut & caprylic acid,...
healthy balance of intestinal flora.

Digest Support 60 capsules

Maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Bromelain 90 tablets

Anti-Inflammatory & Digestive Aid

Papaya Enzymes 180 lozenges

Chewable Papaya Enzimes for digestive support

Digest Matrix 60 caps

Advanced Digestive Enzyme

Inulin 500g

Inulin (FOS - Fructooligosaccharides).

Betaine HCI 648mg 120 Capsules

Digestive Support. Vegetarian Formula

Full Spectrum Jerusalem Artichoke 400mg 60 capsules

Herbal supplement with 90% inulin for digestive health.

Anti-Gas Enzyme 123mg 90 vcaps

The answer to mild, occasional gas and bloating caused by everyday foods you...
love to eat.

Inulin 1kg

Inulin (FOS - Fructooligosaccharides).

Green Supreme Fusion 318g

Green Superfood Powder Designed with Active People in Mind

Senelax Rapid 20 tablets

Dry extract of Cassia angustifolia, Sene. Intestinal function.

Bromelain 120 softgel

Natural proteolytic enzyme

Inulin FOS Prebiotic 180g

Soluble prebiotic fibers that promote gut and overall health through their...
fermentation by gut flora.


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