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Dietmed Collaforce Super Strawberry 450g

With collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Dietmed Naturmil Passiflora 90 capsules

Helps combat insomnia and anxiety.

Dietmed Collaforce Super Lemon 450g

Food supplement based on collagen, vitamins and minerals.

Dietmed Cynasine Depur Plus 30 vials

Protects the liver and promotes liver detoxification

Dietmed Tribulus Max 60 tablets

Increases Testosterone Levels.

Dietmed Cynasine Detox 20 vials

For the maintenance of normal liver function.

Dietmed Collaforce Super with Curcuma 20 sachets

Helps restore the levels of collagen needed by the body.

Dietmed Cynasine Detox 60 capsules

Contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function

Dietmed Propotuss Syrup 250ml

Indicated to relieve coughing

Dietmed Memorium Total 20 vials

Improves mental function.

Dietmed Urimed Candid 30 capsules

Prevention of candidiasis.

Dietmed Cynasine 250 ml

With detoxifying action that benefits digestion by encouraging bile secretion.

Dietmed Infans jelly 20 vials

Strengthens children's immune system.

Dietmed Forticus 500 ml

Energy and vitality.

Dietmed Cynasine 50 ml

With detoxifying action that benefits digestion by encouraging bile secretion.

Dietmed Collaforce Osteo 20 sachets

Formulated to care for bones, cartilage and muscles

Dietmed Memorium Energy 30 vials

Memory and Concentration

Dietmed Mega Royal Intellectus 20 vials

Specially developed for students

Dietmed Propotuss 20 tablets

Calms, soothes and refreshes sore throat.

Dietmed Dynamic jelly 20 vials

Fights physical and mental fatigue.

Dietmed Mature jelly 20 vials

Strengthens the osteoarticular system.

Dietmed Immunitas jelly 20 vials

Strengthening of the immune system.

Dietmed Lipo Rapid Fat Stopper 30 tablets

Formula rich in adrenergic substances, providing energy for the metabolism.



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