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About this brand

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Dedicated Nutrition is a young Canadian sports nutrition brand that was founded in 2010. They have built a firm foundation on the principle that dedication is the key to success.

For that reason, Dedicated Nutrition is 100% focused on achieving their ultimate goal:  releasing the world's best and most effective sports supplements.

From the beginning, athletes fell in love with Dedicated's effective products and no-nonsense attitude. And there’s a good reason for it: (Read More)

BCAA Sensation 333g

Mixes Instantly • Amazing Flavour • Recovery • Performance • Carb Free

Head Shot Energy Drink 355ml

Delicious, convenient and pure energy.

Water jug 'I Am Dedicated' 2200ml

A regular shaker bottle usually is not big enough for long sessions. Our 2.2...
liter Water Jug will solve that problem.

Head Shot 12x355ml

Delicious, convenient and pure energy.

Pack Exclusive Face Shields

Multi-purpose breathable face-shields. Protects your neck and face against...
cold, sunshine, wind, precipitation, and flies or other insects.

Mini Funnel

Easily carry your favorite Dedicated Powder supplement.

Fusion Pro 1.8kg

6 Different Protein Sources • Hydrolyzed & Isolate Protein • Creatine...
Monohydrate, BCAA • Aspartame Free

Epic 500g

Muscle Building • Cell Volumizing • Strength • Pump • Recovery • Carb...

IG-One 50 capsules

The ultimate nutrient repartitioning product on the planet.

Unstoppable V.2 210g

Pre workout, pump, endurance.

Dedicated Pack 45 packs

The most complete and highest dosed training pack

Vaso Grow 200 capsules

Muscle Building – 24 HR Pump – Recovery – Performance – Cell Volumizing...
– Vasodilatation

T-Shirt Dedicated

I am dedicated - T-Shirt


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