Sculpt Absteel

Firming & sculpting, men!

Firming & sculpting, men!


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Sculpt Absteel Gel 200ml

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Absteel Gel by Sculpt makes it easier for you to get those rock-hard, sharp and toned abs. Featuring an infusion of fat-burning and skin-toning ingredients in its formula, Absteel Gel is perfect for males looking for a 6-pack.

How does Absteel Gel work?

Absteel Gel is designed to penetrate deep down into the skin to burn off fat deposits, most particularly in the abdominals. All you need to do is gently massage the gel into your abdominal area once or twice a day, and get ready to see results in a few days!

  • Absteel Gel contains caffeine which will activate epidermal cell metabolism for the faster elimination of toxins and excess fats.
  • Absteel Gel speeds up the burning of fats and prevents the storage of fats in the abdominals with the help of Coleus Forskohlii.
  • Absteel Gel contains Horsetail which will increase collagen production to keep your skin tight, firm and elastic.
  • Absteel Gel removes fatty bumps and lumps and gives your skin a smoother, more attractive texture with a combination of Bladderwrack, English Ivy and Laminaria Digitata.

The secret to getting those coveted six-pack abs is finally uncovered. It’s time for you to reveal your very own set of steel abs with Sculpt Absteel Gel!

Questions & Answers Sculpt Absteel

Questions & Answers Sculpt Absteel

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Reviews for Sculpt Absteel

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Astonishing! - 01/20/2015
by Daniel McCormick - Zumub Verified Purchase

Very apprehensive however results were instant! The redness and tingling takes a while to get use to. Great product!

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Excellent sculpt - 05/16/2015
by Andrew Tan - Zumub Verified Purchase

The sensation when applied feels good and I start to see my abs sculpted

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