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C.P. Sports

About this brand

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C.P. Sports is a brand name that is synonymous with durability, reliability and quality - all the factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing your sports and training equipment.

Offering a comprehensive lineup of fitness accessories, fighting equipment and exercise attire all proudly manufactured in Germany, C.P. Sports only has one thing in mind - to meet your demand for world-class quality workout gear.

C.P. Sports has everything you need to get fully equipped and completely geared up. For extremely durable training gear, choose C.P. Sports - your #1 source of German-quality fitness equipment.

C.P. Sports Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps for more and better exercise!

Lifting Straps Padded

C.P. Sports Padded Lifting Straps

Belt for dips - with extra back protection

Belt for dips with weights - with extra protection for the back

Carabiner 8 mm

Sturdy, chrome-plated snap hook suitable for all pulling aids and grips with...
one eyelet.

Head and Neck Trainer in Leather G10

Head and Neck Trainer Leather, Padded.

Dip Belt

Belt for dips with dumbbells.


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