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Clearspring Wholefoods

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Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Barley Miso 300g

Traditional fermented Japanese staple food and seasoning made from different...
grains, soya and koji.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Coconut Milk 400ml

ideal for use in Oriental and Indian curries, soups and stir-fries. A dairy...
alternative in desserts and baking.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Brown Rice Miso 150g

Miso is a flavourful Japanese whole soya food that makes a rich, satisfying...

Clearspring Wholefoods Japanese Arame 50g

Slightly sweet and delicate flavor that makes it an excellent introduction to...
the delights of sea vegetables.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Japanese Brown Rice Udon Noodles 200g

Japanese Noodles made to traditional recipes, all egg-free and certified...

Clearspring Wholefoods Agar Agar Flakes 28g

Gelatine Substitute made from the Gelidium species of sea plants in Japan, in...
the traditional manner.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Wasabi Powder 25g

Hot and stimulating green paste, lends a characteristic, pungent taste to sushi...
dishes, dressings and dipping sauces.

Clearspring Wholefoods Nori 25g

Ideal snack or wrapping for rice or sushi rolls.

Clearspring Wholefoods Green Nori Sprinkle 20g

A tasty condiment to keep handy for serving with all kinds of food.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Shiitake Mushrooms 40g

Organic Japanese Shiitake Mushrooms - Dried.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Ginger Green Tea - Japanese Sencha 20 teabags

Light, smooth and refreshing flavor of Japanese Sencha with robustly...
stimulating and warming ginger root.

Clearspring Wholefoods Japanese Wakame 50g

Sea vegetables have long been treasured in Japan as a delicious, versatile and...
above all nutritious food.

Clearspring Wholefoods Japanese Rice Cakes - Teriyaki 150g

Made in Japan to a classic, wheat free recipe, no added sugar, MSG, colorings,...
preservatives or leavening agents.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Sushi Rice 500g

Ideal for creating delicious, perfectly cooked rice that can be used in...
Japan’s most celebrated dish, sushi.

Clearspring Wholefoods Toasted Nori Strips 13.5g

Japanese Flavoured Toasted Nori Strips - Dried Sea Vegetable.

Clearspring Wholefoods Japanese Rice Cakes - Black Sesame 150g

These puffed rice cakes made in Japan are light and crispy and low in fat.

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Matcha Green Tea 40g

Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder - Premium Grade!

Clearspring Wholefoods Organic Brown Rice Vinegar 150ml

Classic vinegar from Japan's southern island of Kyusyu.


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