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BiotechUSA provides you with a wide range of high quality economical supplements.

Whatever you need, to build muscle, lose fat, speed up recovery, get energy, increase endurance or simply live healthier (including liver detox, joint health, healthy bones, vitality, better immune system, improved hormonal function, more libido, eye care and many other goals) Biotech has it.

Zumub carries a wide range of Biotech products, as always, at the lowest price!

Multivitamin for Men 60 tabs
Biotech Multivitamin for Men 60 tabs

Multivitamin & Antioxidant Complex

£9.70 £8.73
Save 10%
Biotech Zero Bar 50g

Protein bar high in protein content, no added sugar or aspartame, lactose and...
gluten-free, with sweeteners.

Biotech One a Day 100 tabs

Multivitamin and Mineral - one tablet daily

Biotech Tribulus Maximus Extra 90 tabs

100% Natural Enhancement With Extreme Saponin

Biotech Oat & Nuts 70g


Biotech Protein Fuel 50ml

Pure Crystal Protein Splash

Biotech Energy Gel 60g

Tricarb Matric & MCT Oil

Biotech Calcium Zinc Magnesium 100 tablets

Super Absorbent Balanced Nutritional Formula Plus Copper

Biotech Wianabol 90 caps

Steronitol LT Danabo-X – Winstro-X Anasterol

Biotech Go Protein Bar 40g

Delicious protein bar with BCAAs, l-glutamine and vitamins.

Biotech Multivitamin for Women 60 tabs

12 Vitamins 9 Minerals 19 Antioxidants

Biotech Hyaluronic & Collagen 30 caps

Natural Source For Young And Flexible Skin

Biotech GH Hormone Regulator 120 Capsules

Capsule formula with 3 functional amino acids and vitamin B.

Biotech Vitamin C 1000 100 tabs

Buffered Vitamin C For A Powerful Immune System

Biotech BRUTAL Anadrol 90 Capsules

TST booster. The brutal kind. Still legal.

Biotech Creatine Effervescent 13 tablets

Flavoured Effervescent Tabs With Sweeteners

Biotech Citrulline-malate 300g

100% pure, L-citrulline-malate amino acid powder.

Biotech Caffeine + Taurine 60 caps

Energy Capsules - Naturally Refreshes Mind, Body and Soul

Biotech Magnesium 120 caps

Enhance Nerve And Skeletal Muscle Functions Naturally

Biotech Spirulina 100 tablets

Single-celled freshwater alga which contains over 100 nutrients - vitamins,...
mineral salts, proteins and more.

Biotech AAKG 1000 100 tablets

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate

Biotech Creatine Monohydrate 500g

Pure HPLC Pharmaceutical Grade

Biotech Carbox 1kg

Time-Released Carbohydrates With Multi-Interval CarboX

Biotech BCAA 8:1:1 Zero 250g

Flavoured and sugar-free BCAA powder with an increased L-leucine content.

Biotech AAKG 7800 25ml

Liquid l-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate formula with sweeteners.

Biotech Joint and Cartilage 60 tabs

Food For Special Medical Purposes

Biotech BCAA Zero 360g

Sugar-free, flavoured, 2:1:1 ratio bcaa powder, containing 6.000 mg BCAAs and...
vitamin B6 per serving.

Biotech Liquid L-Carnitine + Chrome 500ml

Liquid l-Carnitine concentrate enriched with chromium and vitamin B5 to make a...
refreshing and tasty drink.

Biotech Black Blood CAF+ 300g

Radical pre-workout formula with 400mg caffeine, NOx complex, without creatine,...
for extreme needs.


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