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Biosamara develops all-natural and certified organic foods and health products, which aim to promote healthy living and wholesome nutrition for everyone.

Biosamara's mission is to contribute to a healthier and smarter supply of superfoods and health supplements. They also believe in making superfoods more accessible to people to ensure a healthier humanity. (Read More)

Goji powder 250g - Opportunity
Goji powder 250g - Opportunity

The anti-aging berry.

$28.47 $12.81
Save 55%
Granulated White Stevia 500g

The healthy sweetener of the future 4x sweeter.

Triphala Powder 250g

Tonic for internal purification

Cocoa paste 500g

Raw cocoa paste - The purest chocolate bar - 100% Cocoa "A food of the Gods"

Triphala Powder 500g

Tonic for internal purification


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