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Recovering from strenuous exercise and sports has never been this fast, easy and effective. Get ready for post-exercise recovery of the highest caliber – get ready for Biotech Recovery Gel!

While it is normal to feel soreness and pain after exercising, you can eliminate those feelings quick if you feed your body with the right nutrients. Sports gels are usually used for rehydration and energy, but Biotech shows how a sport gel can also be effective for speeding up muscle recovery with Recovery Gel.

How does Recovery Gel work?

Recovery Gel starts with Muscle Repair...

Biotech Recovery Gel kickstarts your recovery phase by providing your body with rich amounts of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, a fast-digesting protein source that will quickly deliver amino acids to your muscles and start a full-scale muscle repair phase immediately. Together with its rich BCAA content, you can expect to eliminate muscle soreness and fatigue the next day – allowing you to continue training without muscle aches, pains or inflammation.

Immune support

Recovery Gel also contains added amounts of L-Lysine and L-Glutamine, two amino acids that promote muscle repair, prevent muscle breakdown, and strengthen your immune system.

Drained Energy levels?

Recovery Gel delivers a triCARB Matrix of Glucose, Fructose and Maltodextrin that will quickly replenish your depleted energy stores by replenishing glycogen levels.

Sore joints?

Recovery Gel contains Glucosamine, a compound that help strengthen your joints and provide relief from joint aches, swelling and stiffness!

Electrolyte replenishment

Lastly, Recovery Gel restores your electrolyte levels to normal with its rich Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Sodium content. These minerals also enhance your body's ability to repair itself and ensure that you don't fall victim to dehydration and exhaustion.

Go ahead and punish yourself during training! Don't worry about soreness or fatigue after exercise. Take Biotech Recovery Gel and rise the next day 100% ready, recharged and refueled!

Questions & Answers Recovery Gel

Questions & Answers Recovery Gel

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