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GoldNutrition presents Extreme Gel Guarana, a new supplement in a delicious fruity gel that's easy to take for maximum sustained energy during long workouts.

Extreme Gel Guarana is specially formulated to give your body a boost of energy when it needs it most.  During a long workout, the body's blood sugar levels tend to drop, causing you to lose energy, stamina and focus.  The ingredients in Extreme Gel Guarana prevent this from happening:

  • Minerals - replenishes the body's store of minerals lost in perspiration
  • Fast absorption sugars- refuels blood sugar levels, allowing you to continue working out at peak performance
  • Guarana & caffeine - fights fatigue and helps in concentration. Also helps burn stored fat, resulting in improved body definition
  • B vitamins- essential to maintain proper metabolism during workouts and increases concentration
  • BCAAs - essential amino acids that will rebuild and repair damaged muscle allowing for a faster fuller recovery

When it comes to that last push, don't let fatigue get the best of you.  Extreme Gel Guarana goes down easy while you're on the go, so have a shot and finish your workout like a champion! 


Questions & Answers Extreme Gel Guarana

Questions & Answers Extreme Gel Guarana

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Reviews for Extreme Gel Guarana

Reviews for Extreme Gel Guarana

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good - 10/16/2016
by Hugo Moreira Ribeiro - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Good, but it was perferivel without caffeine. So use the other brand with bcaa's but without caffeine.

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good - 11/02/2016
by Hugo Domingos - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

great for long workouts. Very good

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second option - 04/21/2017
by Rafael del Rey Garcia - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Pretty good, although I'm still preferring the powerbar

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