Testosterol 250 30 capsules

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Testosterol 250 30 capsules

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Testosterol 250

320mg of pure plant sterols per capsule.

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Product description

Megabol Testosterol 250

Megabol Testosterol 250, a well-studied supplement created by a polish scientist, is a natural highly efficient product to help you achieve your goals and your desired look.

This brand has special care in how their products are designed, counting only with the help of scientific centers and specialists. Megabol represents one of the oldest distributors and producers of supplements in Poland.

Testosterol 250 was carefully designed to be an extra help for those who want to improve the results of their efforts.

Megabol Testosterol 250 is a special product that:

  • Has undergone rigorous laboratory tests in Poland to guarantee the quality of its formula.
  • Is 100% natural. It’s made up of plant sterols enriched with rose and pruni cum inulini extracts, which can make it a healthier and safer alternative.
  • Was designed by a Polish scientist specialized in biochemistry to ensure scientific rigor.
  • Is Convenient to Use. Unlike shakes or drinks Megabol Testosterol 250 is produced in form of capsules - just take one with your breakfast and let it work.

With their supplement, Megabol care not only about your results but also about how you achieve them. Megabol Testosterol 250 will help you acquire the desired looks steadily, making the quality and safety of the product a priority.

Achieve your goals with Megabol Testosterol 250. Try it now!

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on a range of factors, including gender and age.

Questions & Answers Testosterol 250

Questions & Answers Testosterol 250

This herbal product is also effective in loss of Libido? How is the daily medication? (My age is 75 years). It is available without a prescription? Greeting   (Show original)
by Wilfried Hajunga
Good Day.

thank you for your inquiry. This product is more suitable for use in Bodybuilding and is used to increase the testosterone levels.

We recommend the product, Horny Goat Weed by Vitalabs.

With kind Regards,   (Show original)
by Zumub - 10/12/2017 1 0
Hi, you can receive the ingredients which consists of the testosterol having problems with hiatal hernia, body building 3 times a week thanks   (Show original)
by Luigi Esposito
The ingredients are rose extract, extract of plum, and inulin.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 08/20/2018 0 0
Best,my question to you is nml. I would a cure with testosterone,I am 42jaar young and 4tot5maal per week to the gym. I would like more mass and want bigger muscles especially my chest muscles. Do you recommend me this product, and there are no problems known. Mvg David   (Show original)
by David Scheerlinck
Testosterol is safe for use, there are no known issues with the use of this product. To in muscle mass, there are, however, special gewichtstoenameproducten (for spiermassatoename), you can see these products here: https://www.zumub.com/NL/weight-gainer   (Show original)
by Zumub - 11/06/2017 1 2
Best, what are the possible risks? For example, Is it harmful for the liver? And what is the recommended dosage? With kind regards, J.   (Show original)
by J.
Testosterol 250 is a natural supplement and has no contra-indications.
Take one capsule with a glass of water once a day with breakfast.
The feedback from our customers on this product is positive.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 12/18/2017 1 0
helps me in my weight loss 54 years and the increase in mass   (Show original)
by alberto
The Testosterol is a support for the building of muscle mass. For weight loss, there are products targeted to our category, Weight Loss.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 05/21/2018 0 0
Good night. Can I take this vitamin without exercise   (Show original)
by Paula
Good afternoon Paula

first of all thank you for the contact.

we Believe that taking Testosterol, as most of the supplements of the genus must be we physical exercise for satisfactory results

Any other question do not hesitate to contact us.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 06/01/2018 0 0
I need to develop my muscle mass, this product is meant for that purpose?   (Show original)
by Arnaldo
The Testosterol 250 Megabol is a sports supplement pro-hormone directed to those with the goal of increasing your muscle development in a completely natural way, since your formula is based on steroids vegetables. It is designed to facilitate the growth of muscle tissue through an better protein synthesis.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 06/05/2018 0 0
Good evening, I would like to know that I advise to gains in muscle mass seen to have difficulty in climbing . Best Regards, Jorge Pereira   (Show original)
by Jorge Manuel Gomes Vaz Pereira
Good afternoon Jorge

first of all thank you for the contact.

To gain muscle mass it is essential to have as a basis a protein, which will give food to the muscle to make them grow in a healthy manner. We recommend the 100% Whey Zumub, which you can see in https://www.zumub.com/PT/proteinas/whey/100-whey-1kg-p-7169

you Can also take a multivitamin to help in the normal growth of muscles and their development, and to maintain the health and well-being, we recommend the One a Day Biotech that is quite complete and economic, you may refer to it https://www.zumub.com/PT/vitaminas-e-minerais-multivitaminico-c-90_172_100/one-a-day-100-tabs

After you to gain muscle mass more quickly, the best option will be a natural anabolic. We recommend the Animal Stak from universal that you can consult at https://www.zumub.com/PT/anabolizantes-naturais/animal-stak-21-packs.

If you want more information of how you can reach your goals more efficiently, you can click https://www.zumub.com/PT/goals/ganhar-peso?zenid=m09s0n4spk9je0brinmdjj3kj7.

we Hope that we have helped in the best way :)

Any other question do not hesitate to contact us.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 06/19/2018 0 1
you can tomr will testoterol with prblemas coronary   (Show original)
by aura maria gutierrez
Good afternoon Aura,

Before anything, thanks for the contact.

Serves this e-mail to inform you that we are not aware that there is any contra indication but we recommend that you consult directly with your physician.

Any other question do not hesitate to contact us.
we look forward to serving you soon.

A greeting.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 07/10/2018 0 0
Hello I wanted to know if the stop taking this product muscle is lost or distorted, the body as happens to bodybuilders ?   (Show original)
by Diego
No, this product is used to help develop muscle mass. The definition and mass are created with training, nutrition and, finally, with supplements. Thank you.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 07/21/2018 0 0

Have a question about Testosterol 250? What is it, what does it do, how and when to use or something else? Ask us.

Reviews for Testosterol 250

Reviews for Testosterol 250

Disclaimer: The reviews provided in this page reflect the personal opinion of the corresponding user. Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on a range of factors, including gender and age.
Testosterol 250 - 03/16/2018
by Darius Tubinis - Zumbu Verified Purchase

If say true.when I tryed this ,I dindnt fieled any effect on me.Not really works on me

0 out of 0 found this information useful.

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It is my second box and very well - 04/19/2018
by Ricardo Rodriguez Merino - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

I bought a box to try and I was not disappointed because I am very reluctant to take pills and not me fio or of the half but these are very good and the muscle grows with more ease....Without getting to be miraculous, but effective. I recommend the purchase.

5 out of 5 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?
Very good - 01/29/2018
by Daummoir Jérémie   (Show original)

Have to see the result very fast, very good report quality price

3 out of 3 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?
Very good - 12/28/2017
by Germano Silva - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Still I started to take and I already feel increase of strength and muscle mass,I recommend.

3 out of 4 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?
Testosterol 250. - 11/08/2017
by Mickael Roullier - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Very good effective product ,I recommend it without concern . Thank you to the team Zumub for their efficiency of their work ,a site and a team very seriously thank you again . I am a loyal customer I love this site .

2 out of 3 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?
medio - 02/24/2018
by andre oliveira - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

hear an increase the belly , made me gain weight in terms of strength very little and muscle mass also I give the note 3

1 out of 2 found this information useful. Read 1 comment

Was this review helpful to you?
Nothing special - 05/09/2018
by mauro Pasquini - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

I'm assuming even at double doses, but I don't sense any improvement anabolic

1 out of 2 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?
Testosterol250 - 01/31/2018
by Dirk Hoffmann - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

So in the case of the tablets Testosterol250 is good for building muscle, a smooth to be purely the case,I have in the morning, took a pill after Breakfast and one after workout or dinner. There is no increase in strength in view, it is Usually a matter with the tablets from the 10 days with the increase in strength, nothing is so mercke nothing to take for 3 weeks,I had really made so many hopes, but nothing came of it.

1 out of 4 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?
by Santiago Lucas-Torres Alcazar - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Remember that there are no miracles, but this product helps a lot to your workout.

1 out of 1 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?
Quality/price without rivals.. - 10/28/2017
by Tomás García   (Show original)

good long-term results

0 out of 0 found this information useful.

Was this review helpful to you?


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