Single-celled freshwater alga which contains over 100 nutrients - vitamins, mineral salts, proteins and more.

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Biotech Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green micro-algae that usually thrives in freshwater lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds. Despite its humble appearance, Spirulina is actually regarded as one of the world's most nutritionally complete superfoods! If you want to experience the health benefits of spirulina in an easy-to-swallow tablet, try Biotech Spirulina!

For hundreds  of years now, Spirulina has been treated by different cultures all over the globe as a source of sustenance and nutrition. Today, spirulina is one of the most heavily studied superfoods, and has been shown to be fully loaded with protein, antioxidants, B vitamins, and many other health-promoting nutrients – all of which you can obtain with Biotech Spirulina!

Each tablet of Biotech Spirulina is loaded with 450mg of Spirulina, which will yield these benefits:

  • strengthens immunity
  • promotes eye health
  • provides relief from PMS symptoms
  • enhances digestive function
  • detoxifies the body
  • 4x more antioxidant power than blueberries!

Enjoy a myriad of health benefits brought to you by the humble spirulina... take Biotech Spirulina today!

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on a range of factors, including gender and age.

Questions & Answers Spirulina

Questions & Answers Spirulina

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Reviews for Spirulina

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