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Amix is the newest player in the game. Marked by its high potency supplements and straightforward approach to RESULTS, Amix Nutrition will surely provide the perfect solution for your goals.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, improve endurance, burn fat, improve body definition or live better, you will find the perfect supplement for you within Amix wide range of products! (Read More)

Amix Peruvian Maca 120 caps

Vitality & Virility Booster

Amix Fat Burner Gel 200ml

Extreme Fat Burning Complex

Amix Trioplex Energy Bar 55g

High Energy Bar Sport XC3 Boost!

Amix CarniLine Pro Fitness 2000 amp 25ml

High quality liquid l-carnitine - With BioPerine - Sugar & aspartame free - No...
Artificial colours

Amix Amino Liquid Leu-Core 920ml

Complete & great absorbable amino formula - Hydro Fusion Matrix

Amix Beta Ecdyx 90caps

Aggressive Testosterone Booster Based On Beta ECDYSterones

Amix Gym Towel AMIX

The practical towel for the gym

Amix Carnislim 25ml

Liquid L-carnitine with choline, taurin & inositol

Amix Hydrush 140ml

Liquid protein shot

Amix Glutamine + BCAA 360 caps

Fast Absortion, Superfine Micronized Form

Amix OatMash 2kg

Ideal source of natural oat fibre.

Amix Amino Pills 330 tabs

Performance - Stength - Mass - Triple source

Amix Whey Pure Fusion 30g

Cold temperature process -High in BCAA - High in glutamine - Whey concentrate &...
whey isolate

Amix Osteo Liquid 480ml

The ultimate joint drink

Amix Glutamina + BCAA 500g

Fast Absortion, Superfine Micronized Form

Amix Amino Hydro-32 250 tablets

Peptide-bonded & free amino acids - Whey enzyme hydrolyzed protein

Amix Beef Amino 250 tablets

Quality Source of Amino Acids!

Amix Re-Core Concentrated 540g

Shortens recovery time after strenuous exercise and improves endurance

Amix T-Shirt Amix Black

Short Sleeve Training Shirt

Amix ZMA 90 caps

Pro – Anabolic Formula – Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6

Amix CLA 1200 120 caps

Fat loss formula -With Green Tea Extract

Amix Magnesium Plus Liquid 20 x 25 ml

Liquid Chelated Magnesium, easier absorbtion

Amix Whey Pure Fusion 20 x 30g

Cold temperature process -High in BCAA - High in glutamine - Whey concentrate &...
whey isolate

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