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Crispbread Quinoa 100g
Amisa Organic Crispbread Quinoa 100g

Gluten Free Quinoa Fibre Plus Crispbread - for breakfast, lunch, or as a...
healthy snack.

Veggie Garden Crispbread 100g
Amisa Organic Veggie Garden Crispbread 100g

Gluten Free Veggie Garden Crispbread. Low fat, light and crunchy crispbread...
with delicious vegetables.

Chestnut Flour 350g
Amisa Organic Chestnut Flour 350g

Organic Gluten Free Chestnut Flour.

Four Grain Porridge 300g
Amisa Organic Four Grain Porridge 300g

Oats, Millet, Amaranth and Buckwheat blended together to create a delicious...
gluten free breakfast cereal.

Chocolate Brownie Mix 400g
Amisa Organic Chocolate Brownie Mix 400g

Enjoy a brownie by itself or indulge yourself and serve with fresh berries and...
ice cream.

Chocolate Cake Mix 400g
Amisa Organic Chocolate Cake Mix 400g

Rich, deep chocolate flavour - chocoholics will not be disappointed!

Amisa Organic Harissa Falafel Mix 160g

Spicy Middle Eastern style, Organic Gluten Free is great as a snack, with...
tahini sauce of fresh hummus!

Amisa Organic Rice Bread with Flax Seeds 375g

Gluten Free Rice and Flax Seed Bread. A delicious wheat free, vegan bread that...
is packed full of crunchy flaxseeds.


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