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Everyday Pure Oats 500g - Opportunity
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Organic GF Goji & Cranberry Muesli 650g

Tasty mix of crunchy cereals with antioxidant-rich goji berries, succulent...
cranberries and seeds. Gluten-free!

Organic Gluten Free Scottish Oats Porridge 500g

More digestible oats,gluten & wheat free!

Luxurious Gluten Free Porridge 500g

Deliciously creamy porridge with rice, millet, buckwheat flakes and linseeds,...
gluten free!

Luxury Gluten Free Muesli 500g

A luxurious mix of flakes with loads of delicious fruits and nuts, gluten free!

Everyday Fairtrade Muesli 500g

Muesli spiced with cinnamon & honey.

Organic Very Berry Muesli 600g

Irresistible mix of strawberries, cranberries and blueberries withcrunchy...
toasted flakes, oats, vine fruits and seeds.

Organic Gluten Free Scottish Oats Granola 400g

Crunchy gluten-free, a more digestible, guilt-free breakfast or snack.

Organic Fruit, Seed & Spice Muesli 750g

100% organically grown ingredients with only naturally occurring sugars.

Organic Goji & Yacon Muesli 600g

Irresistible organic goji and yacon muesli.


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