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Activlab is one of the rising global leaders in the health and sports nutrition industry. Covering an exhaustive product line-up that includes nutritional supplements, performance-enhancing formulas, foods, and beverages, Activlab is among the big names dominating the industry today.

An Activlab product is made by combining their undying commitment to quality, premium grade ingredients, and strict quality control measures – giving you a product that works and delivers results that will exceed your expectations.

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Activlab All Day Protein + EAA 900g

Protein nutrient enriched with Essential Amino Acids

Amino Complex 120 tabs
Activlab Amino Complex 120 tabs

10.000 mg of amino acids in a daily dose!

Amino Complex 300 tabs
Activlab Amino Complex 300 tabs

10.000 mg of amino acids in a daily dose!

Activlab Arginine3 120 capsules

HGH and NO Booster for people doing strength and endurance sports

Arthreo-Free 60 capsules
Activlab Arthreo-Free 60 capsules

A unique composition of ingredients ensuring the correct functioning of the...
locomotive system

BCAA 1000 XXL 120 tablets
Activlab BCAA 1000 XXL 120 tablets

Strong anticatabolic formula

BCAA 1000 XXL 240 tablets
Activlab BCAA 1000 XXL 240 tablets

Strong anticatabolic formula

BCAA 2:1:1 Pure 500g
Activlab BCAA 2:1:1 Pure 500g

BCAA amino acids in a proportion of L-leucine : L-valine : L-isoleucine –...

BCAA Xtra 500g
Activlab BCAA Xtra 500g

Powder Drink. Strong anticatabolic formula

BCAA Xtra Drink 250ml
Activlab BCAA Xtra Drink 250ml

4000mg BCAA for active people

Activlab BCAA Xtra Instant 500g

Helps you regain your body while you sleep. Recommended to endurance and...
martial arts athletes.

BCAA Xtra Instant 800g
Activlab BCAA Xtra Instant 800g

Powder Drink. Strong anticatabolic formula

Beta Alanine 120 capsules
Activlab Breakfast Protein 1kg

Oats and rice cereals plus magnesium, guarana

CarboMax Energy Power 1000g
Activlab CarboMax Energy Power 1000g

Carbohydrate nutrient formulas

CarboMax Energy Power 3000g
Activlab CarboMax Energy Power 3000g

Carbohydrate nutrient formulas

Crea Shot 1kg
Activlab Crea Shot 1kg

C, AKG, CEE,TCM & Creatine Monohydrate.

Crea Shot 2.0 20g
Crea Shot 2.0 500g
Creatine Caps 300 capsules
Activlab Creatine Caps 300 capsules

Creatine monohydrate 1000

Creatine Powder Super 500g
Activlab Creatine Powder Super 500g

100% creatine monohydrate

Creatine Tabs 120 tablets
Activlab Creatine Tabs 120 tablets

Creatine monohydrate 1000

DAA 120 capsules
Activlab DAA 120 capsules

Testosterone booster. Chewable tablets.

De Luxe BCAA Smoothie 440g
Activlab De Luxe BCAA Smoothie 440g

Amino Acid Formula 2:1:1 with 69% of REAL FRUITS with 5g of BCAA per serving.

De Luxe Lean Whey 908g
Activlab De Luxe Lean Whey 908g

No lactose and a low carbohydrate content. Additives such as young green barley...
and flaxseed make it an excellent choice also for women.

Activlab De Luxe Whey 2000g

High-protein nutrient based on whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein...
concentrate (WPC), 66 servings.

EAA Xtra 500g
Activlab EAA Xtra 500g

Essential Amino Acids.

Activlab Energon X 1000 90 capsules

Energy and vitality - Active action

Extreme Weight Cutting 60 capsules
Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting 60 capsules

Especially recommended during the period of intensive weight reduction.

Activlab Fit Drink L-carnitine 24X 250ml

For people who care about their figure and health.


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